Special offer for the publishers of magazines and newspapers.

Dear publisher, there is a very good offer for you.

Your newspaper or magazine can publish the material on the "Wisecracks" site FOR FREE. You're welcome to pick any content and choose any format, to your taste, on one condition: you have to include a link to the source, in the following form:
(c) http://wisecracks.kulichki.net

The simplest solution is to use the complete material of each issue, in the following format:


- What's the difference between the first love and the last love?
- The first love always feels like the last, and the last always feels like the first.

- Does a woman have to be smart?
- No, she just has to be a bit smarter than a man.


- Measure twice before cutting.
- While you're measuring twice, someone will cut it for you.

- Human eyes tend to see mostly others' things.
- Human ears, however, tend to hear mostly their owner.


BORE - a wife who will spend six months nagging her husband to throw out the Christmas tree.

SLEEPLESSNESS - when you can't fall asleep even at work.

GUILLOTINE - the cutting off of thoughts.

... (etc.)

(c) http://wisecracks.kulichki.net

If you have any questions or comments (e.g. how to receive the site contents as a Word document), send e-mail.

However, I would appreciate it if your publication considers supporting the evolution of this project and paying any small royalty for publishing the material. I would gladly include links to any sponsors on the main page. send e-mail

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