Selected jokes, aphorisms and definitions ...... Issue 21, 26.12.00


- Why do policemen walk in those funny hats?
- Policemen don't walk, they change location.
 (c) * ZhUrA

- What to do when life loses meaning?
- What do you mean?..
 (c) * Casper

- What is subtle British humor?
- Oatmeal, sir...
 (c) * Guess Who

- What's cooler: sex, drugs, or rock-n-roll?
- Poker, champagne and mazurka.
 (c) * Olle

- Where do you find time to waste?
- In order not to waste time you should enjoy yourself.
 (c) *


- In doubt lies the truth.
 (c) Cicero
- If you doubt everything - you'll forget how to lie.
 (c) * Glupyshka

- Every man dreams of a woman that he could love, respect and lie to.
 (c) NN
- A woman is nobler than a man: unlike him she pays attention to more than looks.
 (c) Pirandello

- Life is what you think of it.
 (c) * Ayden
- You think this is life?
 (c) * DIK

- A man has to be a bit prettier than an ape.
 (c) Alexander Lebed
- And a woman - a bit prettier than the previous one.
 (c) * kiska

- Man is full of spite, but he likes kindness... when done by others.
 (c) Remarque
- All men are kind, but some are unhappy.
 (c) Mikhail Bulgakov


DRUM- an instrument with only one note.
 (c) * nata

GREED- acute form of thrift.
 (c) * Izya Tsukerman

PRESIDENT- someone elected so that there is someone to blame for president's actions.
 (c) * Janna/Pro

LOVE- when 50% of the shortcomings aren't seen, and the rest are forgiven.
 (c) * Nik

EXPERIENCE- that which lets people make new mistakes instead of old.
 (c) Pro


She, who for someone is burning passion, for another is just a wife.
 (c) NN

Every woman can make three things out of nothing: a hairdo, a salad, and a tragedy.
 (c) * koshka

When a girl gets married, she exchanges the attentions of many men for the inattention of one.
 (c) H. Rowland

It's hard to make children stand on their own feet - especially in the early morning.
 (c) Daisy

A man has to get married: if he gets a good wife, he'll be happy; if a bad one - he'll be a philosopher.
 (c) attributed to Socrates

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