Selected jokes, aphorisms and definitions ...... Issue 22, 16.01.01


- When is honeymoon over?
- When your wife starts buzzing that you're a dog-bee!
 (c) * V.G.

- Do you always know your alcohol limit?
- I know it, but I don't accept it!
 (c) * Guess Who

- Are elections a disaster or the show of the year?
- Elections are a month of fun with four years of consequences.
 (c) * NYQ

- When do women talk least.
- In February.
 (c) * Phil

- Why don't people fly?
- To put it more correctly - why don't people fly up?
 (c) * Guess Who


- Rebuke your friend privately - praise him in public.
 (c) Solon
- Rebuke your enemy publicly - praise him in private.
 (c) * Pro

- To make the truth more plausible, one has to mix some lie into it.
 (c) F.M.Dostoyevsky
- This truth most probably has a bit of lie mixed in.
 (c) * Hmury

- If a friendship stops, it never started.
 (c) * Ayden
- With the friends I have, who needs enemies?
 (c) * Shurik

- Sometimes the only escape from a situation is a feat.
 (c) MARK
- Sometimes the only feat is an escape...
 (c) * Dima


PESSIMIST- a well-informed optimist.
 (c) Ambrose Bierce

POLITICIAN- a victim of his own ambition.
 (c) * nata

DINER- a place where professionals turn good foodstuffs into bad food.
 (c) Pro

BORE- a person who gives a complete answer to "How are you?".
 (c) NN

HONEYMOON- the rest before a lifelong battle.
 (c) * PRObo


Who said silence is bliss? If you want to be heard, don't keep quiet.
 (c) NN

Save your appetite: avoid dining with a food critic.
 (c) S.Molodchenko

If you've got an elephant by the heel and he's trying to run away, it's best to let him run.
 (c) Abraham Lincoln

Make an effort to do everything right - it'll deteriorate on its own.
 (c) NN

Remember: When turning on the light, think of those who may be hiding there.
 (c) * Shpunt

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