Selected jokes, aphorisms and definitions ...... Issue 23, 12.03.01


- Is there a rake that you've stepped on and will keep stepping on?
- Love is an eternal "rake".
 (c) * Lightning bug

- How not to get burned by the sun?
- Don't fly too close!
 (c) * Lightning bug

- What is a good topic for a conversation with a woman?
- Something beautiful, for example her.
 (c) * Janna

- Where do bitches come from?
- All women are the same, some just don't conceal it.
 (c) * Daisy

- What's a "soul cry"?
- It's when you're crying, and no one hears you!
 (c) * Guess Who


- If female stupidity overshadows their beauty, something has to be done about beauty.
 (c) O. Keller
- Flaunting stupidity is not the same as beautifully fooling around.
 (c) * Slava

- Money and success make people self-absorbed.
 (c) * Glupushka
- Self-absorbedness is a luxury that's not worth it.
 (c) * ZhUrA

- Telling someone else's secret is treachery; telling your own is stupidity.
 (c) F. Voltaire
- More and more people keep our secret.
 (c) Vishnevsky

- Alcohol in small doses is safe in any quantity
 (c) M. Zhvanecky
- Alcohol temporarily widens arteries and the circle of friends.
 (c) NN

- The more we love a woman, the less we've time for sleep.
 (c) NN
- He, who yawns during the day, doesn't yawn at night.
 (c) * TrueType


WRITING- best mode of conversation: there is no one interrupting you.
 (c) attr Jules Renard

LOVE- the desire to be loved.
 (c) Plato

DIPLOMACY- the ability to never say "no"
 (c) * Untitled

SMART- a person who occasionally says "What a fool am I!"
 (c) * nata

ATTORNEY- a person who can lawfully avoid the law.
 (c) Pro

~ Love Advices ~

Don't chase a girl as a departing bus. Remember: there's always the next one.
 (c) * canon

To a young man entering life: You should promise a whole world to a girl. And buy her icecream.
 (c) * Werewolf

To men: If you can't take your eyes off a woman, at least keep your hands off her.
 (c) * Jag

If you want to feel lonely - get married.
 (c) A.P.Chekhov

To husbands: According to criminal statistics, no wife has ever shot her husband while he was washing the dishes.
 (c) * Jag

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