Selected jokes, aphorisms and definitions ...... Issue 24, 01.04.01


- Do you know what you love for?
- When you know what you love for, you don't love anymore.
 (c) * Crazy

- What do I do if my soul sings, but I have no words?
- Just like our singers, huh?
 (c) * NYQ

- How come people aren't birds?
- What do you mean they aren't? My wife is a swallow, mother-in-law - a chicken, and father-in-law - a woodpecker.
 (c) * barin

- Why do people go to the zoo?
- Look at others, show themselves.
 (c) * Phil

- Hmm, why do I talk to myself?
- It's always a pleasure to talk to a smart person!
 (c) * Little Devil


- A thought gets born in silence...
 (c) * VovAnus
- So shut up!
 (c) * Jag

- People make their own problems.
 (c) NN
- Oh, how often a person's tragedy is based on the fact that he is its author...
 (c) NN

- All people are equal. But some are more equal than others.
 (c) NN
- All people are brothers. But some are sisters.
 (c) * Slava

- Even the best minds become clouded.
 (c) * Jag
- The best way to seem smart is to produce a lot of fog.
 (c) * Faza

- Those born to think, cannot avoid drinking...
 (c) * azzi
- And when they're drunk - they can't think.
 (c) * Jag


RUSSIA- a very rich country with a very poor people.
 (c) * Pro

ETIQUETTE- when one yawns with his mouth closed.
 (c) NN

SCHOOL- a class society.
 (c) * Empty

ADMIRATION- our polite recognition of another's resemblance to ourselves.
 (c) Ambrose Bierce

~ Jokes ~

-Dear, they say that your husband likes classical music, art and poetry? -Yes, but doesn't your husband have vices?
 (c) * nata

-Life became hard for honest people? -What's it to you?
 (c) Zadornov

-...Did I ever tell you this joke? -Ten times already! -Ok, I'll tell it to you again...
 (c) Pro

The more liquid there is in a body, the more this body gets evicted from everywhere! /almost Archimedes
 (c) almost Archimedes

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