Selected jokes, aphorisms and definitions ...... Issue 25, 17.07.01


- What's longer: half an hour or 5-10 minutes?
- Well, 5-10 minutes can stretch for hours...
 (c) * Me

- Where's the point to stand from which one can move the earth?
- Don't lean on the red button!
 (c) * Pro

- Which drawbacks in women are liked by men?
- Only one: when a woman likes a man despite his lack of assets.
 (c) * BIG Muzzy

- What does one do when life loses all meaning?
- Conceive another!
 (c) * Firefly


- It's hard to keep quiet when you're not asked.
 (c) * Octopus
- Sometimes silence is also an answer.
 (c) * Slava

- Nothing scares more than reality.
 (c) * Neon
- But only the first sixty years are scary...
 (c) * TrueType

- A pleasure that you can't share is not a pleasure.
 (c) Pro
- A problem that you can delegate is not a problem.
 (c) * Jag

- So you'll bash your head through the wall. And what will you do in the neighboring cell?
 (c) S.E.Lec
- So you'll divorce the old wife, and what will you do with the new one?
 (c) * Kysya


REASON- an ability to hide your stupidity.
 (c) * Olezhka

MODESTY-a quality that people remember right after they should have applied it.
 (c) * DIK

 (c) * Jupiter

COMMON SENSE-an ability of a man to see how senselessly he lives.
 (c) Pro

~ Love Formulas ~

Love is a sickness that ties one to bed.
 (c) NN

True love is not the love of one person, but a state of readiness to love everyone...
 (c) * Valerie

Love is Cupid's arrow that comes in through the heart, goes through the pocket, and comes out sideways.
 (c) NN

Love is a fairytale, a bed and a stroller.
 (c) NN

What do we all know of love? Only that we're all it's fruit.
 (c) * BYVALY

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